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Monday, January 8, 2018

Winter Break

My winter break was very fun and eventful. For starters one of the times that I went mountain biking with my friends and one of them broke his wrist and gave himself a major concussion. Also we built a cool bike park in my backyard. I also got to sleep in a lot which was very nice.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Night For Candy

My Halloween was pretty fun this year, because as you get older you can go with just your friends and can hit more houses faster. Another thing you can do is whenever you find a bucket left out on the porch you can just take all the candy from there. This year my friends and I managed to get a lot of candy in about 45 minutes by just finding buckets and taking everything. Also our costumes have been getting simpler and simpler to the point this year where I was just a "bank robber" wearing black pants and a black sweatshirt with a money sign on my bag.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Should Adoption Information Be Kept From Children?

I think no, and that it is better for the kids to have a little contact with their biological parents so they can get answers to the questions that their adopted parents cannot answer. But it's also not good if they are calling them everyday and telling them every single thing that happened in their day, because then there wouldn't be any point for them getting adopted in the first place. On the other hand if they have no contact with their original parents then the kids would have tons of secrets that are being kept from them and if they figure everything out at a certain age that really shocks them than it could really rock their world.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The Moustache

Personally I don't really have any feelings about a moustache, I just merely think that if a person can grow a good one they should keep it. One other thing is that some types of moustaches and beards make a person feel more manly or make them look like a whole new person, and then when they shave it one off that they have had for a while then they look younger or just a lot different. One last thing I have noticed is that there is like different types of moustaches for different countries and places.Image result for a moustache from italy
Handlebar Moustache

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

To Many Tricks!

Tonight while reading Rise of the Wolf, I noticed that Nic's grandfather is the type of person who is constantly playing tricks on people to get the more powerful things while not trying to loose any of his stuff to get it. For example, while he and Nic were contemplating what they would do for their next strike on the praetors, he had gotten a replica of the malice of Mars from Valerius and told Nic to trade it to the praetors for his mother.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Why the Giver Book is Better Than the Movie

Giver Book Vs. Movie

I personally think that the book was much better than the movie because, in the book there was much more action and detail, they had to add many more things to the movie so it would run more smoothly that are not related to the book, and finally there was also more exposure to the characters before the story actually got interesting.
First off, I think the Giver book is so much better than the movie because, there is much more action and detail in the book than in the movie. For example, in the book it took a lot more time for a character to be introduced or have something happen. Also in the movie they had to take lots of things out that could wind up being important later, but there was no space for it. For example, when Jonas would remember some things from his childhood, they would leave them out, like when Jonas was first getting the capability to “see beyond” and he took the apple home to investigate, and the speaker had to tell people that “Snacks are to be eaten, not hoarded.” Finally, in the book you get to be exposed to more action whenever something small is happening. For example, the book enlarges it so you get so much more into it whereas in the movie you don't get any of that, it just goes right through it all.
My next reason why the Giver book is better than the movie is because they had to add many more things to the movie so it would run more smoothly, that are not at all related to the book. For example, one of the biggest factors in the movie was that Asher was a serious, busy boy who was selected to be a drone pilot who later started to doubt Jonas for breaking a bunch of rules, while in the book he was an easy-going funny, laughing kid who was selected to be the recreation director. Also, in the movie when Jonas was escaping the community, he stole one of the motor bicycles from the people that were sent to hunt him down, but in the book, he took his own bike and the plastic seat that was designed for Gabe. Lastly, Jonas and Fiona were always meeting inside of a triangular building with one side that was a fountain, which you never saw in the book.
Finally, my last reason is that there was also more exposure to the characters before the story actually got interesting. For example in the beginning of the book you got almost nine whole chapters for us to get to the part where he gets selected at the ceremony of twelve to be the new receiver, meanwhile in the movie it happened right there towards the beginning of it. Also, those nine chapters were explaining the characters and what they were like but also giving us the setting and the scoop on the community.

I hope that you now believe that the book is better than the movie because of these three reasons, in the book there was much more action and detail, they had to add many more things to the movie so it would run more smoothly that are not related to the book, and finally there was also more exposure to the characters before the story actually got interesting.

How Can You Hide Something That Long?

Today while reading, I noticed that, when Nic was trying to escape Radulf was ready for him, hiding the the only thing Nic was going to take with him, the bulla. Radulf had been sensing Nic using his tiny amounts of magic for a long time and he had that night. It seemed pretty crazy that Radulf was able to hide that from Nic and that he was able to wait for just the right time to use it against Nic.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Try it a little earlier maybe

While reading Rise of the Wolf today when the praetors came to the circus to get Nic, his grandfather General Radulf started fighting them off with magic. Nic got taken by one of them and Radulf grabbed him and somehow teleported away. After that I was wondering why would Radulf try to fight them and escape when things got bad, but why not just get out of there earlier and not have anyone get hurt?

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Take a Walk Into The Past

Take a Walk Into The Past

My teacher had just assigned me to do and interview with an elderly person, so I thought why not my wacky old grandpa. It seemed like a good idea to settle down, and listen to some of his crazy stories, and rambling about some very off topic stuff. Once we got it set up, like a day or two before the due date, since he was going to the weirdest places he shouldn't go. We connected on Skype and I was faced with a dark screen since he had no lights turned on. Once he got the dim lights turned I could see his small amount of white wavy hair. His huge glasses made his face look ten times bigger, and make the freckles on his forehead look smaller. During the interview I would ask a question where he would get lost in his stories and steer off topic, talking about things that were not really related.

“What was it like walking to school in the winter when you were a kid?”

He said that back then, there was a lot more snow then there is nowadays, so everyone would either walk to school because they were going to neighborhood schools, or get a ride from their parents. There was no school buses in service during the winter because, sometimes the snow would be so deep that the plows could not do it in time for school to start, and besides why would they need the busses since everyone could just walk to school.

Was it fun for you?

“Yes, it was because there were many kids all in the same neighborhood who would all go to school at the same time. Many kids would bring sleds to sled down the hills on the way to school. Also we would have a lot of snowball fights because there was plenty of it everywhere.”

Why do you like Mars so much?

He answered “because Mars is our future, our only escape route away from earth, since eventually our planet is just going to keep getting overpopulated with all the new children that keep getting born.

Is it the only place we can go?

His answer is, it could be, we could build a new society there, and that is where they could live, but it could also just be a stopping point where we could rest, and rebuild the rockets to be able to travel farther and leave our galaxy to find other planets. There is also a moon that has just been discovered that does have water and looks habitable.

What was technology back then compared to now?

“When I was a kid there was no television back then, just radio, which mostly everyone liked, that's why I constantly listen to all those oldies stations when I visit.” Also there were movie theaters that only had one screen, which were very popular with everyone.” He also said that many companies started making computers, and the ones that did succeed made lots of money like microsoft and apple and IBM etc. Some of the computers, he said, took up entire room with racks and racks of software. Nowadays all of the new iphones have the same amount of power that one of those computers did, but you can hold the phones in your hand.

What was transportation like?

“Very few took airplanes, airplanes were for rich people, so many people took trains. Airplanes were very expensive and you could only travel maybe around the country, and definitely not around the world.” Also cars were not a good option for longer trips because you were lucky if you got fifteen miles to the gallon. They were also very slow, you could get around fifty miles per hour. “There were no super highways, so if you would go to Los Angeles you would have to take a very slow road through the backcountry.

What was the Cold War like?

He answered that it started right after world war two when Russia wanted to capture Europe. They came down near Cuba to get in range of America if they would start a nuclear war, which would have destroyed the entire world, but thankfully they turned around. Eventually a new Russian man came to power in the early 80s and started working with the American presidents, Reagan and George HW Bush, to end the cold war because they kept fighting and wasting money, and were not accomplishing anything.

How was it personally for you?

“It was very scary for a lot of people, in school we would have bomb drills where we would hide under our desks, which I thought was dumb, because what would a desk do against a nuclear bomb?” Also he said that many people build bomb shelters underground to hide in whenever they would hear something on the radio or when the Russians were near Cuba.

I learned that after all this, my grandpa seemed to have a very frightful, fun, exciting childhood/life and that for him it has been interesting watching everything advance from then until now. Also, sometimes he would go on and on about things that didn't really connect to the topic, but were fun to listen to, even though they were not very related to the topic.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

What Do They Do?

A marine biologist is a person who studies any type of living or non-living animal in the ocean. Marine biology is a research and learning field so many of the marine biologists work with universities and educational institutions. Most marine biologists are also teachers during the winter months because conditions are harsher and it may be harder to study. When working as a marine biologist often times you will be out in the field of a boat or in any type of marine life supported environment. For a lot of the time an office or laboratory can be the main workplace of a marine biologist because most every time you will have specimens to study.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Good Opportunities

Tonight I did a topic change and started reading about Marine Biology instead. Marine Biologists are people who study and teach other people about the organisms and animals that live in the ocean. They can study the different behaviors like where they go and what they eat to learn more. To become a marine biologist you will need to have a bachelors degree and sometimes a masters degree. You must have plenty of knowledge in biology, chemistry, physics, geology and ecology.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

What It Really Looks Like

From the valley floor Half Dome looks like a dome that lost half of it but that is just a trick being played on your eyes. From Washburn Point you can see a profile view both sides look equally steep. From other angles like behind it it does look like a dome which it actually is but studies have shown that less than half might actually be missing. One way it has lost parts is because of earthquakes that can cause land slides, which then triggers the sheets of granite to slide off.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Half Dome

Half Dome is made up of mostly granite a substance made from intrusions of magma or molten rock that solidified during the Cretaceous period. This type of rock has types of fissures called joints that are very vulnerable, and can erode easily. Half Dome has gotten its shape from the water that will freeze inside the joint and then it will thaw which causes the rock to detach and then slide off. At Yosemite Valley there has been multiple Pleistocene glaciers come and scrape off rock that will form the U-shaped valleys.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Big But Still Small?

Today my reading topic was about Lake Tahoe which is located on the border of California and Nevada. It is a freshwater lake at a high altitude of about 6,225 ft and is ranked at the sixth largest lake in the country. When you are at Lake Tahoe it may seem very large but compared to the great lakes it is tiny, that's also like comparing and ant to a baby. It is one of the easiest places to constantly cross borders because the east side is in Nevada and the west side is in California.

How Can These Be Real?!

Today I read about a type of tree that can be found in Yosemite National Park called giant sequoias. The mid sierra zone has the best climate for these giants, and there they are estimated to be about the same height as a 26 story building. For any type of tree fires seem dangerous but with the giant sequoias fires play a crucial role in this ecosystem. Fires open the seed that have fallen to the ground so new trees can sprout and the also clear out all the undergrowth so the new trees can grow. Sometimes when there hasn't been a fire in a while park rangers will do controlled burns to clear out undergrowth.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Getting Back To Nature

Today I read an article about this generation of teenagers also known as the selfie generation are getting outside. I learned that many of that generation have started connecting with nature again while also taking photos at the same time so connecting their experiences with the world of nature. Also the technology for the more high tech cameras and stuff for taking pictures is getting more advanced for this generation.

Cute But Deadly

Today I read about poison dart frogs, which come from the dendrobatidae family, have some of the brightest and most vibrant colors on earth. They normally live in more tropical areas like rain forests in Brazil and Costa Rica. They have a wide variety of colors ranging from yellow, gold, copper, red, green, blue, or black. The main reason they have these vibrant colors is to scare away potential predators, which is a tactic many animals use. Depending on the habitat these frogs will carry both eggs and tadpoles on their back. The poison dart frogs have exceptional care for their young ones, always keeping them near.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Are We Really Alone???

Today I read a National Geographic article about other planets that may support life. It said that many planets that have traces of water could have supported life, like mars. Also one of the moons in our solar system that is orbiting Jupiter has a thick layer of ice with an ocean below. People are hoping to send probes to that moon called Europa to find out if any life exists there. One last theory scientists had was that in other galaxy's there could be life forms that have adapted to different ways of life.

Monday, November 7, 2016

I Am Hungry Now

Today I read about the food in the middle ages and apparently depending on how rich you were would mean how much food you got or what type of food and mostly everyone was poor so most likely everyone had barley because that was a poor person food. This life would had really sucked if you were poor because often you would be hungry. Would you have wanted to be poor and hungry or rich and not as hungry?

Rhino Trading Business

Today I read National Geographic article about the business of rhino horns. There is a rapidly decreasing population of rhinos in africa and people are trying to protect them from not going extinct. The poachers are shooting the rhinos and cutting off their horns during the night and no one can save them after that happens. One rancher by the name John Hume has a giant ranch full of rhinos that he spends about 300,000 a month on the ranch, about 200,000 alone on protecting the rhinos. With a permit you are allowed to trim the horns a specific way so that it can grow back.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

You Gotta Dress Sharp

Today while reading online I read about the types of clothes warn in the middle ages. The type of fashion that a person would wear back then would give information about the person wearing it but the type was enforced by the leaders and people in charge. If it was enforced by leaders then why would you learn information about people? All the rules back then are all so strict and confusing.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Fancy Fancy

Today I read about what women would wear during this time period and it said that a well-bred woman would usually wear a veil in public when a wimple and gorget were also worn by woman that still fairly well-bred. This seems like a hassle for woman because whenever you would go into public then it would always take time to fix your veil or wimple to a perfect state. I wonder if women didnt like not being able to not show their hair in public.


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Shaky Time... Finally!!!!!

After having such a perfect relationship for so long Tris and Tobias are finally starting to get a little shaky. For example today while reading Insurgent by Veronica Roth they finally had their first big argument. Also after the argument they both walked away steaming with rage. It seems like in the future there is now more to come.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yum Yum Yum Food Is Good

If I were to prepare a meal for Tobias and Tris at the position they are in right now at the factionless shelter, it would be more of a fancy meal. It would include some filling items like steak potatoes beans and stuff like that because right now they seem kind of hungry and are eating beans and soup out of cans. At this point in my opinion I would say that a good satisfying meal would help them a lot.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Keep It Coming Baby

In my book Insurgent by Veronica Roth the surprises just keep on coming. For example earlier in the book the erudite invaded the amity compound to look for the dauntless hiding. Now after everybody thought that Tobias' mom was dead, we just found out that she is running the factionless shelter and for some reason Tobias still doesn't like her.

Attacks Are Cool

From what I've noticed while reading is that Tobias and Tris are sort of planning an attack. They are always talking about the structure and layout of the building. Also Tris is hiding a gun underneath her bed for so other reason than not wanting to loose it. If they are planning an attack I would like to see it now because the book is kind of just all dialogue with a couple random action.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Go In Order!

Today while reading Insurgent I realized that I had taken a huge break between the first and second book,  and now I am realizing that it was a bad idea. For example, I forget who some of the characters are, like I just connected the dots that Caleb was her brother and that was kind of a big miss. Also I just remembered that Peter was the one she was having fights with, and that's why they were fighting in the hallway.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gather Together As One

In the book, I am reading called Insurgent,  there is different fractions that are very different from each other an dhave different beliefs. At this part in the book a group of one of the fractions scaped and found the headquarters of one called amity, after they arrive there is a meeting to decide what wll happen. I found this very interesting because the way that different people interact is spread very wide. It seems  very different from our communitie and also a little odd.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Trust In The Book

Today while reading Airborn I noticed that I had gotten to a bad part of it and I kind of wanted to stop. From my experience,d I have learned that if it was exciting before and now it's not, it's still good to keep reading. That exact thing happened to me in this book while I was reading, so you should too.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Deaths, Deaths, And More Deaths

I think that Dally's death was sadder than Johnny's because everyone was still raw and sad from Johnny's. Also Dally got shot by the police so it is kind of like he died a rougher death. Another thing is that Dally was kind of the head of the gang, or the guy everyone looked up to because he was the toughest and had been though the most. Lastly he looked like he wanted to kill himself because he feelt like it was his fault Johnny died, and that is why he had a smile on his face.